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Unfortunately, cardiovascular and peripheral arterial disease (PAD) can lead to a reduced quality of life and even death. Roughly 40 million Americans have varicose vein issues which not only can be unsightly, but can also be symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency. If you suffer from varicose veins and want to improve your overall cardiovascular health, our Georgetown spider vein treatment center can provide you with effective solutions.

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Our treatment center utilizes advanced medical techniques which do not involve invasive surgery to treat vascular conditions including laser ablation, Microphlebectomy, and other procedures. Such minimally invasive surgery allows for a faster and less painful recovery.

Dr. Vinit VaruMeet Georgetown Vascular Surgeon Dr. Vinit N. Varu, MD, RPVI

Dr. Vinit Varu is a leading expert in vascular biology and surgical procedures having studied at Stanford, Northwestern, and the University of Illinois at Chicago where he received multiple accolades. In addition to being on the cutting edge of vascular medical techniques, Dr. Varu has published 12 articles and is the primary author of four textbook chapters regarding peripheral, aortic, and cerebrovascular surgery. Dr. Varu is a double-board certified vascular surgeon.

He is also a registered physician in vascular interpretation (or RPVI) and is a leading authority on vascular ultrasound interpretation. Dr. Varu is joined by skilled Registered Vascular Technologists to help patients with conditions such as strokes, threatened limbs, kidney failure, abdominal aneurysms, DVT, and diabetes.

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