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Vein Treatment Options To Fit Your Needs

Get Back To Doing What You Love!  Our Vein Specialists in Texas serve the Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown and Greater Austin area. 

At Texan Vein & Vascular, we offer Vein Treatment options that fit your need, lifestyle and comfort level.  Would you like to get back to Golfing, Running, Dancing or just enjoying life without aches and pains from those Spider and Varicose Veins?   Schedule your complimentary consultation with our Double Board Certified Vascular Surgeon, Dr. Vinit Varu.  We are here to help you begin your path to a healthier YOU!  

All Vein Treatments Performed by

Double Board Certified Vascular Surgeon

VenaSeal ™

In the past, ablation procedures have been used to heat the source veins to reduce signs of varicose veins. However, new technology introduced through the VenaSeal™ procedure now enables us to treat varicose veins through a less invasive method. 

Radiofrequency and Laser Ablation

This new treatment has revolutionized our ability to treat varicose veins where the main superficial veins (the greater and lesser saphenous veins) are contributing to the continued enlargement of the varicose veins. 

Injection Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy involves the injection of an irritant solution into the spider and reticular veins. The solution causes the vein walls to "stick together".  


This procedure also known as Ambulatory Stab Avulsion Phlebectomy (ASAP) is a revolutionary new treatment. In this simple procedure varicose veins are removed through sub-centimeter incisions. 

VeinGogh TM Ohmic Thermolysis Therapy

This revolutionary treatment allows spider veins too small for conventional treatment, including the face and legs, to be treated without needles or scalpels. VeinGogh uses microburst technology with an ultra-fine probe to target the spider veins without damaging the surrounding skin. 

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